Two-day Consultation “Towards Inclusive Societies in South Asia”

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Two-day Consultation “Towards Inclusive Societies in South Asia”

Date:  26 – 27 January 2019
Venue:  NAF Center, Saver, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Application Submission:
Application Deadline:  31th December 2018

South Asia or SAARC countries are in the midst of political stability as instability, Political polarization, conflict from within, violence and killing are on the rise, affecting people of all strata, of all walks of life. Women, children, youth, religious and ethnic minorities are among those at the receiving end. The rich, the powerful, the elites are at a vicious sending end.
Unfortunately, state officials, security forces, the judiciary and civil society are losing their independence from political influence. In some cases, the economy is growing. Yet the majority of the people remain poor and marginalized.
The major challenges our countries are facing include lack of a mature political culture and motivation to serve throughethical and inclusive governance. Rather it increases intolerance, sectarianism and extremism. As a result, the minorities and poor live in uncertainty and insecurity.
In the early seventies, NGOs, faith-based organizations, women, youth and human rights movements were vibrant and active on many fronts. Now they are facing a funding crunch as well as a lack of dynamic leadership to navigate through the turbulent waters.
Therefore, it is time for old and young generations of leadership, from social, cultural and academic sectors to come together for reflection and to evolve future strategies to effect necessary and positive changes.

Proposed Agenda

Day I :

  • Words of welcome.
  • Getting to know one another
  • Discussion and adoption of the agenda
  • Introduction to the consultation. Issues and underlying concerns, that led to the present state of the society and inability to halt the speed of deterioration


  • How do we see the changes (positive and negative) yet to come? 
  • Is it possible to dream of a society where Global Human Autonomy becomes a reality? 
  • Where the structures and what are the possible shapes of promoting human autonomy? 
  • Is it possible to achieve such autonomy and establish human dignity under the present International regime? If not then what are the options.

Day II :

  • Work in group: To think out of the box and formulate what are the next steps. 


Kindly fill up registration form and submit to by 31th December 2018.


January 26 @ 8:00 am
January 27 @ 5:00 pm
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NAF Center, Saver, Dhaka, Bangladesh
NAF Center
Saver, Dhaka Bangladesh
Asian Resource Foundation