LOMEF Children Education Program Gallary

LOMEF Children Education Program Gallery

In this section, we present LOMEF activities in South, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Education materials project aims to provide educational and school materials such as textbooks bags stationary and uniforms. The distribution has increased the confidence and motivation of children attending school as they can blend in with their fellow school mates. Simultaneously it has also lessened the burden on hard working parents with low income to support their families.

This program has provided support for building materials, labor cost and internal materials

LOMEF has worked in collation with its project partners in South and Southeast Asia and Africa for providing partial support to teachers and volunteers expenses to run education programs including rental payment for school facilities.

LOMEF/ARF individual scholarship program is designed to provide partial assistance to deprived college and university students facing financial hardship during their studies.

LOMEF has provided humanity and assistance to the people effected by manmade and natural disasters